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It’s Tax Protest Time!

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Why Protest Property Tax?

You should make it a yearly effort to protest your property value taxes. Protesting your taxes could save you several hundred to several thousand dollars over time.

You will receive a Notice of Appraised Value every year. In April your County Appraisal District (CAD) sends a Notice of Appraised Value to all property owners. This is the CAD’s opinion of the value of your property. The mass appraisal method finds that value and your property tax is based on it. It is important to be aware that the value may not be accurate.

If you believe the value is inaccurate the Texas Tax Code allows property owners to file a protest. Often a protest helps you get a lower value applied to your property and this will lower your taxes. However, if you do not file a protest, the value will remain final.

How To Protest Property Taxes?

If you believe the market value of your property is incorrect, you have the right to protest that value. You can initiate the protest in a couple of ways:

Online – you can use the protest form available from the County Appraisal District. After you have filed, it can take several months for the County Appraisal District to schedule your informal hearing.

Property Tax Advisor – You can hire a tax consulting firm that will file the protest, prepare your case and advocate on your behalf. Texas Protax or Five Stone Tax Advisors are examples of services that can be hired.

When is the deadline to file a protest?

The deadline to file a property tax protest is 30 days after your Notice of Appraised Value is made available to you, or May 15th, whichever is later.

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Property Tax – Notice of Protest Form

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